Sunday, October 13, 2019

1899 Minneapolis Flower & Seed Catalog

From the Minneapolis Journal, Apr. 18, 1900 Prominent among the specialized enterprises of Minneapolis is that of S. Y. Haines & Co., 105 Boston Block, Minneapolis who are growers & dealers in flower seeds exclusively, with office at 105 Boston Block. Haines, who is a native of Tennessee, has been identified with this line of business for 25 years. He came to Minneapolis 8 years ago & was a partner in the same line with other parties prior to September, 1898, when he established this business, in which his wife is associated with him. He has made a life-long study of flower culture, & of the best places for the cultivation of the different varieties, & he has seeds grown by contract at various places in the United States, Italy, & Germany, with the best results in quality of seeds, & the firm handle flower seeds in the largest variety & have built up an extensive trade with dealers & florists all over this country, & also ship to all parts of the world. The firm scrupulously maintains the high quality of the seeds they handle, by careful testing & selection, & there is no house in the country better prepared to meet the demands of floral experts for the best flower seeds of standard varieties & the most attract- ive novelties. Haines has a wide reputation as an expert & he is now in Washington, D. C, where he is in charge of the government seed contracts, of over 15,000,000 packets of seeds for the congressional distribution for this season. His wife, who is thoroughly experienced, is managing the business most effectively during his absence.