Thursday, July 6, 2017

Women should focus on Flowers instead of Gossiping about President Thomas Jefferson's Politics & Love Life

1798 Modes et manières du jour à Paris à la fin du 18e siècle et au commencement du 19e  
Rosalie Stier Calvert (1778–1821), who lived near Washington D. C. just when it was becoming both a political & social capitol, thought ladies should hold themselves above any discussion of politics, especially during the mud-slinging surrounding Thomas Jefferson's personal life & loves. She called gardening her “greatest diversion.”
1804 Gilbert Stuart (American artist, 1755-1828) Rosalie Stier Calvert and their eldest daughter Carolina Maria. In 1807, she observed,"I see so many women making themselves ridiculous by discussing politics at random without understanding the subject that I am disgusted with all controversy except about flowers! Their culture absorbs me more every day, for as I go out rarely, it is my chief amusement."

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