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1897 Seed & Plant Catalog of Dingee and Conrad Co of West Grove, Pennsylvania

1897 Seed & Plant Catalog of Dingee and Conrad Co of West Grove, Pennsylvania. Company Timeline:
1855: Alfred Conard formed the firm of Conard & Brother of West Grove, PA
1862: Conard started a nursery business with Charles Dingee under the name Dingee & Conard. The business had two greenhouses and the establishment was known as the Harmony Grove Nursery. 1867: Dingee & Conard began propagating roses under a new system introduced by Antoine Wintzer, the head nurseryman, and a world-class hybridiser. Conard conceived the idea of disposing of their rose stock through the mail. Their first catalog offered bedding plants, shrubbery, bulbs, seeds, and roses. 
1888: Howard Preston sold his farm (a dairy farm and regional creamery) to S. Morris Jones, who continued to operate the creamery. 
1892: Conard separated from Dingee and along with Antoine Wintzer joined with S. Morris Jones. The new company continued with the growing and distribution of roses and flowering plants. Much of the farmland acquired by Jones became part of Conard-Pyle, the house was eventually provided to the head nurseryman, Antoine Wintzer, as his residence. 
1895: Antoine Wintzer worked on the improvement of the canna. 
1897: The name became Conard & Jones Co.

Alfred Fellenberg Conard (1835–1906) of West Grove, PA was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1835. He descended from German Quakers who were part of William Penn’s Colony in 1683. He worked on his father’s farm and learned the nursery business from Thomas M. Harvey. Charles Dingee was a member of the Dingee seeds family. Antoine "Leon" Wintzer was born in Alsace, France, emigrating to the USA at an early age, died at West Grove, PA in 1930. The head-nurseryman before becoming the company's Vice-President.

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