Monday, July 3, 2017

Celebrating the 4th of July on a 1913 Historic American Seed & Plant Catalog

Ratekin's Seed House, Shenandoah, Iowa,  A 1909 overview of Page County, Iowa declared, "Ratekin Seed House is of immense proportions. The office, where ten thousand dollars in stamps are forwarded each year, is a spectacle to see. A loafer would not last ten minutes in this institution without being stepped on and run over. The Ratekins are a success in their business, in which they have been engaged for years and know it from A to Z. They send out catalogues broadcast that are works of art and it is considered that the Ratekin's is one of the biggest seed corn plants in the world. They handle all seed and nursery stock by catalogue exclusively, but their specialty is seed corn, and the name of Ratekin has become famous by reason of the exceptional business methods adopted. The business has outgrown the present quarters and plans are already prepared to build a new seed corn and garden seed building just east of their present frame structure, which will be a three-story building, entirely fire-proof and costing in the neighborhood of forty thousand dollars."

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