Friday, June 9, 2017

Currie Bros of Milwaukee Wisconsin 1899 Horticultural Guide

Currie Bros of Milwaukee Wisconsin 1899 Horticultural Guide
CURRIE BROS CO, James Currie Pres, Wm. Currie Vice-Pres, Wm. B Currie, Sec, Roy J. Currie. Treas, Seedsmen, Florists and Nurserymen, 312 Broadway, 108 Wisconsin and corner of 27th and State. 
This firm is the oldest one of the retail and mail order seed houses in the city, for the business was established in 1875. When they first started and for time afterward, floral and horticultural interests predominated They had very extensive greenhouses at the edge of the city, & published a monthly horticuktral newsletter.  In 1903 the firm became known as Currie Bros. Co. and was conducted by the three brothers, James, William and Adam Currie. In 1910 Adam Currie withdrew from the firm. The officers of the firm then were James Currie, president, William Currie, vice-president, William B. Currie, secretary and Roy J. Currie, treasurer. The latter two officers are sons of James and William Currie respectively. Adam Currie & Co.'s seed store does a retail seed and florist business. They also do a general mail order seed business and cater particularly to the northern states. The store has been located here some ten years and enjoys an extensive local trade in flowers, plants and seeds. Allister Currie is associated with his father in the firm, managing the retail part of the business. One brother devotes his time to the office and other crop seeds handled. By the early 1900s, the main Currie Bros. seed store is East Water street in the heart of the retail trade district. 

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