Tuesday, May 23, 2017

1900 Green's Fruit Catalog from Rochester, NY

The Story of My Nursery Business (1915) 
I am a farmer & a fruit grower — always have been — was born & brought up on a farm. Fruit growing has always been my hobby & pleasure, but, like a great many other young men who live in the country, I did not appreciate the advantages that country life offers, & moved to the city. In 1877 I left my bank in Rochester & went 12 miles outside the city to a farm on which I intended to raise fruit. The first year on this farm I planted & budded about a thousand seedlings (trees from seed). The trees grew well & I planted acres into orchards. I had a few surplus trees. These I sold to my neighbors. My neighbors’ trees grew well. They then came to me & said: “We like your trees. They are fine trees & we paid only 25cents each for them. Agents charge us 1 dollar or more. Will you have more next season?” 

This question set me to thinking. Then the idea came to me: Grow the best trees possible. Get them into the hands of the people by selling direct on a cash with order basis. Cut out the agent or sales- man. Use a catalog.

I began right then to work out this idea. The success of this plan you well know. Many other nurseries which sold nursery stock by agents now sell with agents & catalog also. But I have never had an agent in my business & never will. I believe that the saving which my catalog business brings should go into your pocket. 

In the year 1890 my business had grown to such an extent that I found it advisable to move my main office to Rochester, N. Y. I located near Highland Park in Rochester, & built a large main office & packing house. My business grew & I found it necessary to buy more land. I now have 5 nursery farms, in Clifton, Coldwater & Riga, all within 14 miles of Rochester. I also built many new' buildings & an office at Clifton. I was the 1st nurseryman to sell largely trees direct by catalog only. I have done business so many years by this direct method that my organization knows every phase of the mail order nursery business. You may have great confidence in my organization to get good trees to you in perfect condition. 

Many of my men who have been in my organization for years have sons who have worked in my nurseries 10 to 15 years. These young men have learned the nursery business from childhood & are experts in their special departments.

HOW I GAINED THE CONFIDENCE OF THE PEOPLE To establish a business of this kind it was necessary to gain the absolute confidence of the general public. This could be done only by satisfying every customer or giving “fair play & half the road,” & sometimes more than “half the road.” But this rule has always been strictly adhered to, as it is this more than anything else that made it possible for me to establish “the largest mail order nursery in the world.” Absolute responsibility & honesty, highest quality trees, most reasonable prices, trees true to name, satisfaction to customers, are the corner-stones of my business. 

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