Monday, April 17, 2017

1898 John Bauscher's II Vegetable Seed & Plant Guide from Freeport, Illinois

1898 John Bauscher's II Vegetable Seed & Plant Guide from Freeport, Illinois. Bauschers Floral Shop & GreenhouseThe Florist Business in Freeport was pioneered by John Bauscher Sr. in the year of 1868. Mr. Bauscher came to the United States from France. He started out with a couple small greenhouses in which he raised and sold plants and cut flowers. In the late 1870's his son John Bauscher Jr. entered the flower business with his father, and they in turn kept on expanding the green houses until they had over 100,000 square feet of glass and a total of 15 greenhouses. Some of the greenhouses were 320 feet long. By this time, the Bauschers were in the wholesale as well as the retail flower business. The retail store being located at 20 South Chicago Ave. John Bauscher Sr. passed away in the early 1900's, and the business was then owned and operated by his son John Bauscher Jr., who in turn had 5 sons of his own who all joined with their father in the Florist Business. Their names being Arthur, George, Lester, Clarence C. & John J. In 1920, John Bauscher Jr. passed away and the business was then owned & operated by his five sons and was known as Bauscher Bros. Flower Market Inc. until 1939. By this time Arthur, George & Lester Bauscher had passed away and the business was being carried on by Clarence C. & John J. Bauscher, the remaining brothers. So they decided to dissolve the corporation, & this is when Robert J. Bauscher, the son of Clarence C., joined into the florist business with his father. They continued to operate the downtown retail business known as the C. C. Bauscher Floral Shop. Clarence C. Bauscher passed away in 1950, & the business was then taken over by his son Robert J. Bauscher as sole owner at 18 South Chicago Ave. in downtown Freeport. Robert J. Bauscher being the great-grandson of the founder John Bauscher Sr. The 100th Anniversary of the business was celebrated in 1968 with a total of 4 generations of florists in the same family. Written by Robert J. Bauscher - June 15, 1970

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