Saturday, April 15, 2017

Louisiana Vegetable, Flower, & Field Seed Catalog

Richard Frotscher, seedsman, horticulturist, was born in Leipzig, Saxony, March 15, 1833. He died February 2, 1896. He was trained specially in botany by his grandfather. In 1850, after one of the numerous democratic uprisings among the youth of Germany, he was fled to America. He spent some time in Pennsylvania, & shortly after the Civil War, went to New Orleans, where he became a seedsman & horticulturalist & did much to improve agriculture in the American South. Under his care, certain varieties of southern vegetables were improved. Among his many introductions are the New Orleans Market Cucumber, New Orleans Market Melon, New Orleans Market Eggplant, Frotscher's Superior Large Late Flat Dutch Cabbage, Best-of-all Beans, Southern Willow-Leaved Sewee or Butter Pole Beans, Frotscher's Three-quarter Red Blood Turnip Beet, Frotscher's New Orleans Improved Large Passion Lettuce, Frotscher's Lone Star Watermelon, & Louisiana or Creole Onion. His introductions were numerous in fruit & shade trees & in flower & grass seeds. Systematic pecan-culture was begun by Richard Frotscher. The 3 varieties that he started to propagate & named, & which are recognized standards, are the Frotscher's Egg Shell, Rome & Centennial. 

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