Friday, April 7, 2017

1896 Kansas Seed & Plant Catalog began with selling seeds in the founder's bakery

The Kansas Seed Company, operated by Frederick W. Barteldes, both grew & imported seed which it then marketed throughout the plains states. Along with a traveling sales force, the business operated 3 seed stores, one in Lawrence, Kansas; one in Oklahoma City; & another in Denver, Colorado. Born in Germany in 1852, Barteldes died in Lawrence Kansas in 1933. In 1875, Barteldes established the The Kansas Seed Company, building on a concept started by an uncle. In 1867, his uncle Friedo Barteldes, the proprietor of a small bakery on Massachusetts Street in Lawrence, decided to add a new line to his business. He bought a few large sacks of garden seeds; and, in his spare time, weighed them out into smaller lots & put them in small paper sacks which he displayed to one side of his bakery's bread counter. The founder's nephew, F.W. Barteldes, came to the firm from Germany in 1874. In 1880, nephew Barteldes purchased a building he called the Kansas Seed House in Lawrence. The business thrived there until 1962, when it moved to Denver. His sons, Otto & Friedo, operated the business for years.

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